An Insider’s Perspective from the Investment Banking Space: The Retreat of Public SaaS Valuations & Their Impact on Private Markets

When it comes time to sell, business owners need data-driven guidance from top advisors in the investment space. Recently, Tom George (Co-President, Romulus Group) had an insightful conversation with Ben Howe (CEO, AGC Partners) to discuss the retreat of public SaaS valuations and its impact on the private markets. Watch the 30-minute webinar to learn current market conditions and future forecast, factors to consider before selling, and how the public market SaaS valuations are impacting the private market.

Watch the video to get deep insights into:

  • Why there has been a clear drop in public SaaS valuations. Will it create downward pressure on the value of private SaaS and software companies? [1:56 minutes]
  • Ben’s analysis of the current public market conditions and what the forecast might look like. [15:21 minutes]
  • Which factors sellers need to consider when deciding whether to wait or take the next steps during times of uncertainty. [26:37 minutes]
  • How to leverage AGC Partner’s market report to gain a deeper understanding of trends and projections and how those considerations might affect marketability and salability from an investment banking perspective.

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