Our goal is to empower our leaders to grow their businesses while providing access to our ecosystem of capital, operational resources, leverage, and guidance.

Why sell to us?

Andromeda offers a distinct difference from other financial acquirers, providing a permanent home for your business.

Access to

Continue to innovate and grow market share by leveraging a strong balance sheet to fund organic and Merger & Acquisition related growth initiatives.

Accelerated Growth

Tap an international network of technology companies, leaders, and customers to unlock synergies and opportunities for collaboration to accelerate growth.

Access to Resources

Our ecosystem of tech companies offers operational guidance, best practices, knowledge-sharing events, and tools to strengthen and scale software businesses. 



Remain in control of your company—protect your employees, customers and business.

Investment Criteria


Although each of our businesses run independently, serving unique customer segments across a growing number of verticals and geographies, they all share the following characteristics:

  • Mission-critical: Software that solves a significant operational need for the industries it serves and has low customer attrition.
  • Vertical Market Focus: Strong market share in niche markets.
  • Annual revenue from $3M to $100M+: We value potential and invest in companies of various sizes.
  • Market Share: Strong tenured customer bases with low customer attrition
  • Mature companies looking to sell 100%.

Our Investment Expertise

Andromeda has experience navigating transactions with businesses of differing size and complexity across a range of verticals.

Owner Operator

We provide a permanent home for employees and customers ensuring that the business will never be owned by a competing organization


Andromeda’s expertise as a sophisticated buyer has fostered the ability to execute quickly using creative structures and navigate complex transactions

M&A Advisor Assisted 

Andromeda provides speed and certainty of close with our strong financial position backed by our parent company Constellation Software

Denise Lynch
Digital Marketing

“Becoming a part of Andromeda has allowed us to pursue organic growth through our traditional channels but also access the 800+ CSI businesses to create new sources of mutual growth and value.

Andromeda provides access to other successful leaders to openly share best practices and make use of a large repository of best practice documents that have been proven to address specific financial or operational issues.”

Robert Vickers
Residential Real Estate

“What makes CSI and Andromeda the right fit is that they are investors with a buy-and-hold philosophy, but give you the leeway to run your operation, and encourage ownership and critical thinking.

It’s helpful having the broader team to run things by and capture best practices. Generally, in the broader group, someone has some experience and can help in most areas. Very valuable.”

Mitchell Francis

“I've had the privilege of being involved in M&A and operational roles throughout my tenure at Constellation. The extensive network and wealth of knowledge among colleagues, who are dedicated to constant self-improvement and enhancing their businesses, are unparalleled.”

Rich Gagliano

“The CSI carveout acquisition of Dark Matter not only secures the company's continued organic growth plans, but also brings reassurance to clients with CSI's "buy and hold for life" commitment, eliminating concerns with current and prospective clients and allowing for continued focus on transforming mortgage originations for our clients and driving down the cost to originate.”

Robert Reardon
Real Estate Data and Analytics

Being acquired by Constellation Software has been great for the SmartData team, offering a permanent home that preserves our identity while promoting independent operation.

Their support for our growth and sharing of best practices across the portfolio has not only been empowering but has also significantly enhanced our ability to innovate. Constellation truly understands the value of nurturing each unique business within its portfolio.

Brant Morwald
Enterprise Real Estate

"As a part of Constellation Software, Inc. and Andromeda, we have been able to achieve our organic growth and strategic objectives for Constellation1. Having access to this network and talent pool has been imperative to our success. Additionally, the continued execution of strategic acquisitions has allowed us to become an industry leader and build a team of talented experts."

Adrian Malin
Financial Planning

"Becoming part of the Andromeda group has been invaluable to our team, being one of the first UK businesses to join the team has given us access to so many resources and knowledge that we did not have previously, and has helped us to look at the business in a very different way, making us so more efficient and streamlined. One of the key items for us prior to acquisition was the buy and hold philosophy which has given huge comfort to the staff who are the cornerstone of any business, and has given stability we had not seen before."

Rich Swier
Real Estate Data and Analytics

"As an entrepreneur with a history of building and exiting multiple ventures, my journey with Constellation Software stands out as one of my best experiences. Following the acquisition, it has become increasingly clear that they place a high value on preserving an entrepreneurial spirit and showcasing their deep commitment to rewarding performance while maintaining the culture of the companies they acquire."

Shahzad Rafique
Banking Software

"It's been a great turnaround during one-and-a-half-year post-Acquistion. CSI strategy, best practices have certainly helped us come out of our inherent problems and transform into an entirely different organization. We are on a road to achieve the right culture, product strategy and sustainable profitability. There has been a tremendous support throughout this turnaround by the whole Perseus team and has been a great learning experience for our entire team while implementing best practices from a comprehensive knowledge base of CSI. The strategy has no doubt helped us transform from a barely profitable business towards the path of a sustainable profitability."

Garth Harris
Digital Marketing

"Being part of Constellation’s collaborative network has truly elevated our success.
The guidance and support from seasoned leaders has been a gift and has empowered us to navigate our business well. Sharing best practices with like-minded peers have been invaluable, fueling our growth initiatives and fostering innovation."